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ADDACTIS® Software provides software used for 20 years by insurers and reinsurers, with more than 2,000 users . Our extensive experience allows us to constantly improve our offer to have the most efficient tools to meet the needs of each client. addactis® actuarial & software solutions are distributed worldwide  with  addactis®  throughout local offices and partnerships.   Pascal Mignery –  CEO ADDACTIS® Worldwide.

Recent developments of major regulatory environments such as Solvency II, SOX, MCEV and IFRS are pushing spreadsheets and traditional actuarial tools to the limits of their computing capacities and are increasingly restricting in-house developments.
In addition, demands from internal and external stakeholders in terms of quantity of information are increasing but also changing continuously. At the same time, as the reporting times need to be reduced dramatically in the years to come, it will become a major challenge to meet deadlines.

At ADDACTIS® Software, we combine the necessary regulatory, actuarial and IT expertise in order to provide compliant, state of the art and high performance software solutions for your company.

The software packages developed by ADDACTIS® Software  are designed by actuaries and IT specialists, and are programmed and main­tained by a dedicated team of experts. All of our software packages are designed to ensure knowledge transfer and self-reliance.
ADDACTIS® Software  software packages are not “ black boxes ”. All the implemented computing methods and parameters are accessible and clearly documented.

ADDACTIS® Software   packages meet the development and security standards required by the insurance industry as well as standards around auditability and traceability. Hence, model governance can be highly improved thanks to the ADDACTIS® Software  full range of software solutions.