Talent is a matter of commitment
and surpassing oneself,
it has neither age nor borders.

Our values

At ADDACTIS Group, we have believed in our values since the beginning. They make up our DNA. Beyond mere words, we want to continue to embody, to illustrate daily, to wear with pride the 4 values that are ours by putting our energy towards worthy causes.

Technical excellence

Our deep knowledge of our customers’ requirements and markets allows us to provide them with innovative solutions tailored to their needs in a constant dynamic of continuous improvement.

Shared enthusiasm

Our employees share the passion of their profession and the will to “seriously do it, without taking themselves too seriously.”

Passion for growth

The drive to surpass oneself is in our DNA. We assume a strategy of growth without censorship, either for our projects or our territories. Our commitment is also to take our clients further and support their growth by building the future of analytics.

Social commitment

Our commitment to our customers and to our employees is to create a respectful relationship, in the long term, in a win-win way, by preserving mutual trust, by giving importance to the word given and transparency.

This video reflects the values that take Addactis teams further everyday.
We remain at our clients’ side to meet the major challenges of insurance.
With serenity, humility and passion.
Together to build the future of analytics. Together, let us be inspired.

#addactisfamily #bettertogether #buildingthefutureofanalyticsforinsurance

Be part of the movement

At addactis®, we know that nothing is set in stone. Everything can change in a day – that’s what we thrive on. We are doers, plain and simple. We don’t shy away from challenges, we boldly forge new paths and invent what we need to get the job done.
We are solutions architects, looking for women and men ready to put their energy, creativity and talent at the service of our commitment to our clients.

Strong choices guide our HR policy. Just like our commitment to our customers, based on listening, respect, our culture of results and faithfulness to our word, we also feel committed to our employees.
They have been the ones who for 25 years have built the success of ADDACTIS Group. On a daily basis, we strive to develop:

The confidence

The confidence imparted to all Group employees, the faith in their skills and the belief that the women and men who invest with us are the engine of our growth and collective intelligence.

The will

The will to give everyone the means to surpass themselves, to develop their creativity, to push themselves with intellectual and technical challenges, and to find their place within agile and multicultural teams.

The humanity

The humanity in its aspirations (training, mobility, responsibilities and working conditions) to promote fulfillment, commitment and collaboration.

Meet our HR team

Additional questions? Do you want to follow addactis’ recruitment news day-by-day?
Visit our Linkedin Career page.
Do not hesitate to contact Nesrine and Alix, our HR Officers, or find them on LinkedIn.

Nesrine BREDAN

HR Business Partner


HR Business Partner

HR figures

Gender equality
within the management

On 9 members one the board, 3 are women and 6 are men.


Gender equality
within the group

On the 250 employees of the group, 44% are women and 56% are men.


Average age
within the group

The average age of the employees is 33 years old.


Different nationalities
within the group

The employees of the group are coming from 30 different countries.

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