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Working alongside insurers players for 25 years, we provide worldwide innovative insurance software solutions.

Why choose addactis?

We are software solutions architects

Our R&D massive investments allow us to provide innovative insurance software solutions to our clients.

Thanks to our dedicated teams of Product & Development engineers, we provide you with advanced technological solutions, perfectly matching your IT environment with reactive support & maintenance.

Dedicated to insurers & reinsurers for 25 years

Our knowledge and expertise of the insurance market enables us to address all the actuarial technical issues you may face.

We are strongly committed to provide you with the best solutions that most fit your needs and requirements.

You have challenges, we have solutions.

Always an addactis® expert close to you

As our clients are present all over the globe, so are we.
It allows us to serve our clients by providing them with the best global standards while having a precise knowledge of their local decision parameters.

No matter where you are in the world, our range of actuarial solutions will help you meet your regulatory and profitability requirements.

Our Vision

Facing together your challenges is what drives us daily. Discover addactis vision that leads us to provide innovative solutions fully dedicated to insurance industry players.

The design of our solutions is based on a proven and refined process.
Our 25 years of expertise with insurers as consultants and software editor combined with our constant R&D efforts allow us to understand our clients’ needs, market trends, regulatory requirements and actuarial challenges. Our solutions are thus designed to help you take a step forward by directly accessing the most efficient methods, practices and expertise. You save time, secure your business and improve your profitability.

Virak NOU
Chief Operating Officer

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Products & Technologies matter. Ensuring the product vision and realizing it through quality in execution is key.
The joint work of product managers, software specialists and insurance experts allow us to build unique insurance and actuarial solutions.
Our agile teams design, develop and deliver mission-critical solutions that run in production at hundreds of our clients. We use our knowledge of mathematical modeling, simulation and computer science, as well as the latest Cloud, SaaS and Advanced Analytics technologies to address your regulatory and profitability challenges.

Senior Vice President
Chief Product & Technology Officer

While our vision is global, our understanding of your issues and the support of our experts is local. Because proximity with our customers is essential, because the competitive games on your market are specific, because your regulatory constraints and the drivers of your profitability are also specific, our solutions are implemented by experts who know YOUR market, business & challenges.

Senior Vice President
Chief Growth Officer

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As a Risktech for Insurance, we are fully convinced that innovation is a key driver to enable market players to meet the many strategic challenges of the coming years. The objective of our R&D projects is to provide innovative and unprecedented answers to our customers and to conduct high value-added operational research that serves the continuous improvement of our solutions. Smart Pricing, Data Science algorithms, financial and actuarial modelling, IFRS 17 and Solvency II calculations are technical subjects on which our teams are currently working on.

Chief Innovation Officer
Deputy CEO ADDACTIS France

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Our teams around the world combine their know-hows and expertise, and work in cross-functional teams to tackle your challenges.


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