Reserving studies and compliance, claims assesments and analysis,
cash-flow projections…
Discover the areas and needs covered by our addactis® Reserving solution!

Your Needs

Most top actuarial experts consider that reserving is an art.
With our addactis® Reserving solution, we provide the ultimate tool for them, designed by and for excellence.
The thousands of users in the world using our solution don’t think they work: they solve, they learn, they teach, they live their passion for figures.
Combining the best reserving practices and methodologies of the major insurance markets, our Reserving solution is the easiest way to technical summits and team training efficiency.

Reserves Calculation

You need to optimize your reserving processes and especially to structure, access and manage data sets within an automated and integrated solution.

Our Reserving solution provides actuarial functionalities that meet a very wide range of business requirements and market practices. Our Reserving solution combines a full range and robust methods (deterministic and stochastic). You will also be able to analyze reserve volatility through a simple and flexible environment.

Regulatory & Compliance

You need to enforce technical provisions calculation complying with Solvency II and IFRS 17 standards.

Our Reserving solution provides Solvency II and IFRS 17 modules. You will calculate Best Estimates leading to cash-flows projection. You will measure insurance contracts either by applying the Building Block Approach (BBA) or the simplified Premium Allocation Approach (PAA).

Change Management

You need assistance in the implementations of these new processes and support to ensure the continuity of your business-as-usual activities.

Our Reserving solution includes high-level support of our teams during the deployment and integration of the solution. Your teams will benefit from our training plans.

You may also request the intervention of our reserving experts to guarantee the correct implementation of your processes by new employees.

Auditable processes & Data quality

You need to ensure governance of the process (including data quality controls) through fully automated and integrated processes.

Our Reserving solution allows to build a full automated and integrated process from claims databases to the best estimates using flexible tools that adapt to your IT environment.

Our software provide complete audit trail allowing identification of all changes brought in a project.

Your Data Quality process will never be questionable with the automated data controls implemented in our fully integrated process ensuring adequacy, completeness and accuracy of the data.

Our Solution

How addactis® Reserving solution perfectly match your own requirements?

We have designed the best value chain for your reserving process, with a kit of 2 software interacting together. Thanks to addactis® Dataflow, your data and triangles are automatically up/downloaded into addactis® IBNRS® with a rigorous audit trail from your information system. Thanks to the « plug an play » approach led by our dedicated team, used to work with any kind of data architecture or IT environment, implementation is easy and fast, and your teams are able to monitor the solution after our customized training.

Your Challenge

Implementation & Actuarial Support

addactis® Reserving support teams accompany you all along the implementation of our solution.
Our teams work daily on reported issues and bring a customized actuarial support adapted to your needs with a worldwide knowledge on regulators’ rules.

Customized Training

addactis® Reserving solution includes
dedicated training sessions to make sure that your actuarial teams will be comfortable with our solution.
addactis® teams provide also regulatory insights related to innovative methods through our users club.

addactis® Software

Thanks to addactis® DataFlow, you manage your data and automate the data quality controls. The best way to put in place and ensure the data quality process.

With addactis® IBNRS®, calculate and value technical provisions complying Risk Based Capital purposes as well as IFRS 17.

Your Reserving solution!

Our Reserving Experts

Present in 24 locations around the 5 continents, our experts ensure an effective and responsive support across Europe, Latin America, Asia-Oceania, Middle East & Africa.
Want to experience what makes our Reserving solution so unique?
Schedule an appointment and speak with our experts!

Our Software

addactis® DataFlow

The ETL for actuaries and business analysts that enables:

  • data management
  • automated & transparent data integration
  • easy process implementation
  • embedding addactis® software modules connections

addactis® IBNRS®

The best reserving software to ensure traceability and regulatory compliance in reserve calculation.

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