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Since 1993, the ADDACTIS Group has been working alongside global insurance players to develop risk management solutions.
Addactis’ business model is that of a solutions architect and software editor. Our legitimacy is always based on an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business and a strong drive to technological innovation. Our added value combines a unique agile approach combined with deep expertise in analytics.

Our History

Legal structure

The organization of the ADDACTIS Group is that of a holding company.
Addactis Organization

The ADDACTIS Group Management Team

Founded in 1993, ADDACTIS Group is still fully owned by its founders and partners.
The Global Management Team currently comprises 9 C-level executives, three of whom are women.
Pascal MIGNERY chairs all the boards of directors of the group’s companies as well as the Group Management Team.
He steers the overall strategy of the ADDACTIS Group and all its subsidiaries.

A graduate of ISFA, a certified IA actuary and a member of the French and Belgian Institutes of Actuaries, Pascal began his career as an actuary at SCOR before letting his entrepreneurial spirit speaks for itself by founding ADDING in 1993.
He was the architect of the Group’s Worldwide deployment and is still daily involved in the development of addactis®.


Graduated in Finance and Accounting, Delphine spent 5 years as a consultant in an accounting firm prior to joining ADDACTIS Group in 1999.

Delphine is both Managing Director of ADDACTIS Management, in charge of supervising the group’s support functions (administration, legal, IT and finance) and a member of the GMT as Group Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. For more than 20 years, she has been leading the group’s strategy alongside Pascal MIGNERY, securing and supporting its development.

Delphine JEAN
Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Pierre ARNAL is Executive Vice President of ADDACTIS Group, member of the Board and member of the Group Management Team.

After leading the Group’s main Subsidiary ADDACTIS France for 20 Years, Pierre is now in charge of the global marketing strategy, including the design of ADDACTIS Solutions and products.

Graduate from ISFA, certified IA actuary, member and jury of the French Institute of Actuaries, Pierre began his career as a life actuary in AG2R La Mondiale, joined the French Army as platoon leader, then leaded the actuarial department of Group Bayard and joined ADDACTIS Group in 1999.

With Pascal, he built the Global Insurance expertise of addactis®, deeply commited in the Group development, values and cutting edge services.

Personally, Pierre has many passions like mountaineering, arctic countries, horse riding and is involved in Climate Change issues.

Pierre ARNAL
Executive Vice President
Head of Strategy & Alliances

A graduate of the « Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan » and an « agrégation » in Economics and Management, Carol began her career as a professor of Economics and Management at the University in France.

Responsible for communication and corporate relations in various higher education institutions, including actuarial schools, she joined addactis in 2017. She is currently developing the group’s marketing and communication strategy and is in charge of corporate, internal communication, employer branding and digital marketing for ADDACTIS.

Senior Vice President
Chief Marketing & Communication Officer

Franck Collignon is the CEO of ADDACTIS Software, the addactis software R&D company, based in Lyon, France.
He is a Telecom Engineer from Telecom SudParis

Prior to that, Franck has held different managing positions in various industries : IT services, management consulting, insurance & steel industry.

Senior Vice President
Chief Product & Technology Officer

Céline began her career with the creation of the actuarial consulting part of the Group in 1998, until being appointed CEO of ADDACTIS France in 2018.
Thanks to her strong experience, Céline steers addactis® strategy on the French market and leads French consulting business of ADDACTIS France.

A graduate of ISFA, a certified actuary and a member of the French Institute of Actuaries, Céline is a reknown expert in actuarial health and disability matters, and certifies disability tables.

Céline helps insurers in their decision making process regarding health actuarial topics as well as business plan and portfolio values evaluation during transactions, reorganization or mergers.

Her commitment to the company project since 20 years ensures the future development of ADDACTIS France and supports the Group’s growth goals.

Senior Vice President

Governance Board of Directors

The Governance Board of Directors currently comprises 7 members.


Chairman of the Board,
Chief Executive Officer

Delphine JEAN

Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

Pierre ARNAL

Executive Vice President,
Head of Strategy and Alliances

Severine LAFONT

Independent Director

Jean-François BEAUCOUSIN

Independent Director


Independent Director


Independent Director
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