Our ambition? To take you further. Our added value and the innovations we bring to our customers are based on a proven knowledge of the insurance market.

Advisory & Software, a cross-fertilization

addactis’ history is built on a long tradition of high value-added actuarial consulting in France and Europe, by assisting our clients in taking into account the many regulatory and prudential changes. Since 1993, we have been working alongside insurers and as close as possible to their challenges to decipher risks and offer them ever more innovative actuarial expertise and know-how. Our legitimacy has always been based on an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses and a strong drive for technological innovation. This business expertise, illustrated by the many consulting assignments carried out by our teams, particularly in France, continues to feed both our vision of market developments and our software solutions. This consulting expertise places us in a position to observe and consolidate best practices and strengthens our value proposition.

Addactis thus provides you with the best of a unique business model: combining the foundation of consulting expertise with software and technological innovation for a significantly differentiated value proposition.

Technical excellence

Highly skilled consultants through strong embedded training program and regular involvement in high level assignments.

Research & Development

Core investments for cutting edge high level consulting, through fully dedicated researchers team, scientific papers publications, chair research in partnership with universities and actuarial conferences.

Market Observatory

Unique external observatory for the insurance players through 25 years of expertise, experience, data and standards.

Compliance & Security Processes

Deep PMO framework and culture is embedded and compulsory for all assignments, and frequent relationships and interactions with regulators driving rigorous compliance and strict confidentiality.

Our advisory offer:
a tailor-made value proposition

We develop a strong ability to understand and model technical, financial or regulatory risks to help and support the insurance industry, alongside global value chain.

Our assignments enables insurance players to ensure regulatory compliance, optimize processes, increase profitability, enlighten strategic decisions.

Actuarial Consulting

Actuarial & financial modeling, data analytics, value & financial strategy, client value & profitability, portfolio valuations.

Risk Management

Risk mapping and appetite, key risk management functions, ORSA & stress tests, financial deals, due diligence.

Compliance (in France)

Expertise of Regulatory frameworks and insurance codes, compliance audits, governance schemes organization.
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