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We are proud to work for the Insurance industry by supporting Insurance companies.

Ready to take up new insurance challenges with you!

addactis® combines the knowledge and expertise of the insurance sector with a high level of analytics embedded in our software to transform risk and complexity into opportunities to improve insurance operations.

We know that succeeding through uncertainty, from risk assessment to strategic decisions is a challenging issue. That’s why we are strongly committed to support you and take your business further. Constantly innovating, challenging existing methods and ideas by creating knowledge and solutions that make change possible. We are in action, conscious that insurance is more than ever a business in motion.


Understand your needs

Our experts master the major insurance challenges of regulatory compliance, calculation automation, financial modeling and management of your portfolios. addactis® solutions embed this expertise to improve your velocity and profitability.

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Because we have been operating for more than 25 years with our insurance customers in highly regulated and complex markets, our software solutions are designed to deliver you the highest actuarial standards with an ergonomic and intuitive user experience.

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Take you further

The recipe of addactis® solutions to take up your challenges and accompany your teams towards excellence? Combining software reliability and consulting expertise. Disruptive, passionate and committed, addactis consultants are eager to take you further. This is why we are constantly innovating and investing in R&D to deliver the solutions that best meet our customers’ local challenges while benefiting from a holistic view of global actuarial innovations.

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Discover addactis® range of solutions

A consulting expertise embedded in our solutions

An addactis solution consists of a software « core » and professional services combining advisory, implementation and training. Our consultants support you in the implementation and deployment of your solution, as close as possible to your needs, your specificities, your challenges and according to your data and the experience of your teams.
Nevertheless, you remain in control of the « mix » and the partner able to support you. For certain solutions, we work hand in hand with our partners and Big 7 to provide the software solution adapted to their recommendations. Our teams will design the proposal that best fits your requirements and needs.


Combining the best reserving practices and methodologies of the main insurance markets, our Reserving solution, chosen by numerous regulators, is the easiest way to technical summits and team training efficiency.
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With cutting edge technical approach embedded in our solution by our numerous IFRS 17 experts, monitor your profitability and your contracts with the highest level of accuracy.
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Capital Modeling

Meet regulatory requirements and immerse your company in a highly complex and moving environment to steer your business, thanks to our flexible, powerful and auditable Capital Modeling solution.

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Because you deserve a pricing process designed to serve your global underwritting strategy, our Pricing solution drives you to the top of the art of pricing.

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Our ambition? To take you further. Our added value and the innovations we bring to our customers are based on a proven knowledge of the insurance market.

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The addactis expertise to enrich your insights

Events, webinars, data analysis, white papers, our consultants share with you their views on the major challenges of the insurance market. Because the beginning of our collaboration is based on the desire to enrich your reflexion and enlighten your strategic vision.

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