Home News Sept.16th-19th, Hong Kong: Souvenirs.

Sept.16th-19th, Hong Kong: Souvenirs.

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“The Asian Actuarial Conference was the opportunity to meet many actuaries and experts ont the area to prepare the upcoming opening of ADDACTIS® Asia in Singapore. IFRS 17 is everywhere and addactis® is on line with all issues that insurance players are facing,” comments   Stéphanie Dausque -CEO ADDACTIS® Asia

Stéphanie Dausque is going to establish our all-new hub in Singapore leading our further expansion into the Asian markets. We are happy that such a very experienced and prolific employee will serve our customers in that area.

Are you an Asian insurance company and ready to try out The addactis® Alternative firsthand? Come and experience our IFRS 17 and risk management solutions.

Stéphanie will be pleased to meet you.   She will introduce you to addactis® actuarial and software solutions as an expert in Actuarial R&D.