addactis® and Volada support HANSAINVEST


Press Release
2021, March 26th

addactis® and Volada support HANSAINVEST with the regulatory reporting of institutional funds

Following the successful implementation of Solvency II Tripartite Templates, HANSAINVEST Hanseatische Investment-GmbH is now able to complete its reporting according to the German Insurance Supervision Act (VAG) and the Capital Requirements Regulation, based on the software and services platform provided by Addactis. This allows HANSAINVEST to modernise the production of regulatory reports for insurance companies, pension funds and banks.

The use of addactis® Dataflow for data integration and process standardisation has been another success story.

Due to the intuitive and open architecture of addactis® Dataflow, HANSAINVEST is now in the position to handle data management, including plausibility tests, autonomously and efficiently. As well as reporting for institutional funds, this process includes the drafting of AIFMD, EMIR, German Federal Bank and German Investment Fund Association (BVI) notifications.

In addition, HANSAINVEST uses addactis® Modeling, a modern software application that not only gives customers access to the calculation methods stipulated by the regulators and continuously updated by Addactis, but also enables the implementation of customised versions of these methods and other risk models.

Dr Jörg W. Stotz, spokesperson for the HANSAINVEST Board of Management, is very satisfied with the outcome:

«HANSAINVEST is an innovative investment management service company that continuously analyses its internal business processes and optimises them as necessary to ensure our clients’ funds are managed as efficiently as possible. The highly successful completion of the project to automate regulatory reporting for the special funds of our institutional clients by Addactis and Volada has certainly met our high expectations. The new reporting platform leaves us extremely well placed and very flexible to cope with future challenges.»

Peter Klein, CEO of Volada AG and in charge of distributing and implementing addactis® software in the DACH region, adds:

«Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have managed to work closely with HANSAINVEST experts and integrate the required solution into the existing system configuration exclusively through remote access. With HANSAINVEST, we have added another highly regarded financial institution to our client base in Central Europe.»


The investment management company HANSAINVEST Hanseatische Investment-GmbH was founded in 1969 and is part of the Signal Iduna Group. As an independent investment management service company (Service KVG) for real and financial assets, the company provides a wide range of services for the administration of liquid and illiquid asset classes. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and also has a branch office in Frankfurt a. M. HANSAINVEST is also represented in Luxembourg via a subsidiary.
About 260 employees administer more than 280 public funds and over 125 institutional funds with assets of almost EUR 47 billion. In December 2020 the trade magazine TiAM from the publisher Finanzenverlag voted HANSAINVEST the «Best Service KVG». (Status: 31 December 2020)


addactis® is strongly committed alongside global insurers and reinsurers for 28 years. We transform actuarial complexity into opportunities for our clients. We work as architects to design solutions for product optimization and regulatory compliance. We draw on both our proven knowledge of the insurance industry, through our historical consulting business line in Europe, and our range of actuarial software to offer innovative technological solutions that meet the regulatory and profitability requirements of insurers around the world. The addactis® «analytics» solutions provide a reliable and sustainable response in terms of risk and solvency assessment, reserve calculation, data management, task automation, pricing, reporting, strategic management and insight into insurers’ decisions.


Volada AG was founded in 2016 in Zug, Switzerland and offers software and service solutions for the insurance and finance industries. Volada uses state-of-the-art actuarial methods to support its customers in optimising their business processes.